Eddie Levert Discusses First Solo CD and Sons’ Deaths

on August 20, 2012

*Eddie Levert, for those that don’t know, is R&B royalty.

As one third of the mighty O’Jays, the Philadelphia music maker has amassed a string of classic hits as well as provided fans with a distinctive vocal presence.

So with his place secure in music, why would Levert go solo? For the hit maker, the answer lies in wanting to do so for years, as shown with his forthcoming debut solo album, “Eddie Levert: I Still Have It.” 

“This is something that I’ve wanted to do since [Eddie’s son] Gerald and them had LeVert. I’ve wanted to just go in the studio and cut a lot of things that I like,” Eddie Levert confessed to EUR’s Lee Bailey. “When you’re in a group, there’s a lot of things that you can’t do as a group or they don’t feel that suits you as a group. So there’s a lot of things that I just like to sing, a lot of music that I like and ways that I like to sing. I got a chance to be just free-spirited and do what I felt on this one without having anyone else’s direction in it.”

“I Still Have It” is more than a musical accomplishment for Levert. As evidenced on the offering’s lead single “Last Man Standing,” the vocalist takes a personal turn while addressing his new mind state following the death of sons Gerald, who died in 2006, and Sean, who passed away two years later.

“Just before Gerald passed away I started writing this,” Levert said. “During the process of writing this, he passed away and then I lost Sean. So I was writing these songs and all the songs that I had written … they were really mainly the love flowing and sexual overtone songs. And so these things start happening to me. Then I started having these other thoughts of how I partly blamed myself for what happened to them because that’s the first thing that happens to a parent that loses a child.

“You go to first looking at the things you could have done, the things you should have done and the things that you could have done you would have been able to do. You would have done those things, but you never had the opportunity or you never got the chance because of where they were and where you were and you always want to feel like ‘If you had been there,’ the singer continued. “So you start taking a look at the man in the mirror. And that’s what that song is basically maybe about because it talked about the change I had to go through to be able to get through that period. I had to take a good look at myself and to sort of change a few things to make myself better so I could be able to look past that, if that makes sense to you… So this song, really the “Last Man Standing,” was really about the transition that I made to try to be a better person and try to be a better person to the people that I had still around me.”

Musically, Levert sticks to what brought him to the table, labeling “I Still Have It” as “strictly R&B.” All in all, the entertainer longs to make fans aware of his solo endeavor while hoping they support him as much as they do the O’Jays.

“I just hope that I can get people to know that it’s out there. It was a labor of love,” Levert stated. “I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy doing it as much as I still enjoy listening to it even now.”

And if you’re wondering if Levert has any plans of abandoning The O’Jays for a full-fledged solo career? Think again.

“Not ever performing with the O’Jays. Are you crazy?,” the music vet stated. “I need that drug. What do mean? I’m addicted to that. [Laughs] What are you talking about? No more O’Jays? Are you crazy? You’re out of your mind.”

“Last Man Standing,” is available now on LevertFatherAndSon.com here



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